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How to Optimise The Return on Your relationship with A Debt Collection Agency (Part 2)

This is the second post of a three-part series exploring steps you can take to enable your debt collectors to recover your debts more effectively and efficiently. We have already established that what you do to support your agency can equally contribute to the quality and consistency of the results you achieve. If you haven’t already read Part 1  of this series, please refer back to it for our initial recommendations.

This week, we are here to share three more simple steps you can take to optimise the return on your relationship with your debt collection agency. These steps specifically …

How to Optimise The return on Your Relationship with A Debt Collection Agency (Part 1)

Businesses often opt to partner with a debt collection agency to boost recoveries, reduce their DSO and minimise bad debt write-offs. As with any investment, business owners naturally want to get the most out of the time and money they spend collecting funds. So what can you do, to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck when utilising the services of a debt collection agency?

As we have discussed in previous posts, choosing the right debt collection agency is obviously crucial to the success of your debt management processes, as their expertise, methods and approach will have …

Advantage of Our Obligation Free Debt Recovery Assessment

Why our obligation free debt recovery assessment is your advantage? Cashflow is the lifeblood of business. It promotes growth, opens up expansion opportunities and generates healthy profit margins. The only way to maintain a stable cashflow in a business is to establish a healthy debt collection system which will continue to pump cashflow through the business. Unfortunately, this is where most businesses struggle.

Many businesses find themselves continually depleted of funds as they contend with heavy client debts, and despite the debilitating effect this has on their business, the majority fail to seek professional assistance to get things back on …

How we use 30 years of experience in debt collecting to your advantage

Debt collectors are commonly misconceived as hard-hearted and ruthless phone jockeys who intimidate individuals into paying their dues. Sadly, while the aforementioned are lurking somewhere out there in the shadows, the reality of effective debt collection is quite the opposite.

Being able to collect debts efficiently and effectively requires a diverse and unique subset of skills including expert person to person communication. Such expertise cannot be acquired via printed page or word of mouth, but only through experience.

Our 30 years of career experience in debt collection enable us to …

The importance of maintaining positive client relations throughout debt recovery

Without clients, a business has no commercial benefit. Without good clients, a business must work harder for the commercial benefit it is due. It is therefore in the interests of all business owners to invest in and actively promote positive client relations.

There are a few key reasons why it pays to have, not just ‘satisfied’ clients but ‘happy’ clients.


Happy clients stay:  Within most industries, there is a ready, waiting selection of competitors who would be delighted to pick up wandering clients who have become dissatisfied with your offering. Happy clients refer other clients. Clients are more likely to promote your …

Why a debt recovery provider is more effective when they also offer a complementary legal practice

Naturally, everyone wants to contract with service providers who are successful at what they do. It means they will provide great results and will bring the most benefits to your business. Read why a debt recovery provider is more effective with legal practice.

Debt collection and recovery firms, differ significantly in their capabilities depending on the resources they have at their disposal. So how can you decide which service provider will be most successful at recovering your debts?

One major point of difference which sets successful firms apart is their ability to offer a complementary general legal practice. This structure has …

What to Look for in A Debt Collection Services Provider

When your final notices are being ignored and aged debts are steadily accruing, seeking the help of a debt collection firm is usually the most viable option. Professional debt collectors are experts at soliciting payment from debtors. It’s what they are trained to do and they have the best tools and technologies at their disposal to do it well.

But does it really matter which debt collection agency you choose? And how can you determine the best firm to handle your debts?

Whilst ‘highest return for lowest cost’ is always a key consideration in choosing a service provider, a number …

Why Too Much Outstanding Debt is a Game Changer And Not for the Better

Allowing clients to trade on credit is a common way to facilitate more business. However it can also lead to short term and long term financial burdens when repayment terms are not adhered to and bad debts are allowed to accrue.

Hefty receivable debts place a considerable drag on businesses resources. When bad debts accrue, not only are you losing profits on unrecoverable debts, you are most likely:

expending staff resources chasing the debts,
purchasing finance to maintain cash flow, and
paying fees for defaults and late payments on your own debts.

The cumulative financial impact of bad debt on a business, often leads to …

Get Rid of Difficult Debtors This Year – Here’s How We Can Help

Businesses spend a significant amount of time and money trying to attract clients, so it can seem counter productive or even ludicrous to suggest that you should intentionally rid yourself of a client.

However, there can come a time in a commercial relationship where it is simply no longer commercial or financially worthwhile. Persisting to trade with clients who are not paying their bills, can cost you money, decrease staff morale and impair your ability to provide good service to other clients.

On the other hand, culling a few of your difficult debtors and replacing them with good clients can improve cashflow, …

The Advantages of Outsourcing Debt Recovery

A business without a good debt recovery system is like a bucket with big holes in it. No matter how much effort you expend filling it up, your bucket is only ever partly filled. Efficient debt recovery procedures ‘plug the holes’ where earned income is slipping away and ensure that the business receives what it has rightfully earned.

Many businesses tend to focus much of their time and effort into the front end of their sales campaign whilst neglecting to bring up the rear.  Many also lack the time, resources and expertise to quickly and efficiently recover unpaid debts.

The reality …

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  • I have known the principal of the BOSTON Group (Derryn HARRISON) as well as key staff members (including Ben GOWER) for well over 2 decades and have been using their professional services for myself as well as for Powerhouse Logistics Pty. Ltd. on a regular basis, not only in Sydney but on a national basis.

    At all times BOSTON have been extremely pro-active, attentive, courteous and professional with all matters we threw at them. Their advice has always been extremely sound and commercial and I find them to be a "breath of fresh air" within the legal fraternity and have no hesitation whatsoever to highly recommend them.

    Peter Brueckner

    Powerhouse Logistics Pty Ltd (CEO)

  • Expect A Star has worked with The Boston Group for 10 years. In this time we have appreciated the ongoing support of Boston for all of our collection and legal requirements. Like most businesses cashflow is critical to ongoing success and growth, with Boston we have found a partner who are an extension of our business and play a key part in our cashflow management. The Boston Group bring a level of expertise to our business which is valuable and coupled with their excellent customer service we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.

    Ryan Meldrum

    Former CEO

  • I have been using the services of The Boston Group and their legal entity for over 11 years. During this time I have found their service to be impeccable, delivered with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The vast majority of cases that I have placed with Boston were far from straightforward, requiring legal acumen and delicate handling. Having used all methods available without success to procure payment, I confidently placed these matters into their safe hands. In all instances a successful outcome was achieved.

    Mark Parish

    Credit Manager

  • SNP Security has had the pleasure of working with Boston Commercial Services for the past 11 years. Boston has played an integral part in the continuing success of SNP Security’s low DSO’s, 90 Day % Debt & of course Bad Debts Written Off.

    Amanda Griffiths

    National Administration Manager

Boston Commercial Services is well known debt collection agency in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane who has long experience in debt collection.