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Debt Collection Sydney

If you are looking for debt collection services in Sydney, contact with us and this is our address:

Level 5, 68 Alfred Street
Phone: Ph: 1300 668 699

Did you know that by simply recovering more outstanding customer accounts, you can save money, improve cash flow, and increase available capital to reinvest in new growth opportunities?

At Boston Commercial Services, we love seeing our clients’ businesses thrive when they break free from bad debts and establish a healthy debt collection system in Sydney.

In New South Wales, debts may legally be collected by a number of methods including traditional debt collection, mediation, small claims, court proceedings and insolvency proceedings. What may be a good strategy for one debt may not work for another. That’s where we come in.

As one of Sydney’s most experienced debt collectors, we can advise you of the fastest and most cost effective way to recover each of your debts. We can help you get paid as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss. We can also provide ongoing debt collection services in Sydney which include making demands for payments, escalating outstanding debts, making field calls and and skip tracing to minimise litigated outcomes.


How You Collect Your Debts Matters

We understand that how you broach the issue of outstanding accounts with your clients can seriously affect your reputation and the relationships that sustain your business. So we accord your clients the same respect that you do.

We always adhere to debt collection practices that are fair, legal and approved by New South Wales law. We know how to get great results without ever unlawfully harassing or threatening your debtors.


Tips to Minimise Bad Debt

Preventing bad debt from accumulating in the first place, means you can spare yourself the time, money and stress of chasing long overdue debts.

  • Issue bills regularly or as soon as work is completed
  • Ensure full payment information is contained in your invoice
  • Maintain regular friendly contact with your customers
  • Offer a bonus or discount for early payment
  • Ensure credit checks are performed before offering to trade on credit
  • Set appropriate credit limits
  • Ensure payment is received before shipping or releasing title to goods
  • Register any security interests on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)


Tips for Recovering Bad Debts

Did you know you can make debts easier to recover by your accounting practices?

Having an effective system of escalation procedures in place can optimise timely invoice payments and minimise the number of outstanding accounts that are 60 days overdue and beyond.

An effective account escalation protocol enables you to maintain friendly client relations while letting them know that you keep a tight reign on your accounts.


Get Help Resolving Your Debt Disputes

No matter what stage of debt recovery you need help with, Boston Commercial Services can provide tailored expert services and advice to get owed funds into your bank account.

Allow us to offer solutions to optimise your business cashflow by:

  • assisting you to establishing credit checking protocols
  • bolstering your trading terms
  • helping you establish accounting and debt collection protocols
  • escalating unpaid invoices
  • resolving debt disputes
  • dealing with unresponsive or absent debtors
  • instituting debt recovery proceedings; or
  • enforcing judgement debts.

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  • I have known the principal of the BOSTON Group (Derryn HARRISON) as well as key staff members (including Ben GOWER) for well over 2 decades and have been using their professional services for myself as well as for Powerhouse Logistics Pty. Ltd. on a regular basis, not only in Sydney but on a national basis.

    At all times BOSTON have been extremely pro-active, attentive, courteous and professional with all matters we threw at them. Their advice has always been extremely sound and commercial and I find them to be a "breath of fresh air" within the legal fraternity and have no hesitation whatsoever to highly recommend them.

    Peter Brueckner

    Powerhouse Logistics Pty Ltd (CEO)

  • Expect A Star has worked with The Boston Group for 10 years. In this time we have appreciated the ongoing support of Boston for all of our collection and legal requirements. Like most businesses cashflow is critical to ongoing success and growth, with Boston we have found a partner who are an extension of our business and play a key part in our cashflow management. The Boston Group bring a level of expertise to our business which is valuable and coupled with their excellent customer service we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.

    Ryan Meldrum

    Former CEO

  • I have been using the services of The Boston Group and their legal entity for over 11 years. During this time I have found their service to be impeccable, delivered with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The vast majority of cases that I have placed with Boston were far from straightforward, requiring legal acumen and delicate handling. Having used all methods available without success to procure payment, I confidently placed these matters into their safe hands. In all instances a successful outcome was achieved.

    Mark Parish

    Credit Manager

  • SNP Security has had the pleasure of working with Boston Commercial Services for the past 11 years. Boston has played an integral part in the continuing success of SNP Security’s low DSO’s, 90 Day % Debt & of course Bad Debts Written Off.

    Amanda Griffiths

    National Administration Manager

Boston Commercial Services is well known debt collection agency in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane who has long experience in debt collection.