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Practical Debt Recovery Tips

Aussie businesses, particularly SMEs, are increasingly failing due to unpaid invoices and debt. Therefore, having a professional, decisive, and prompt debt recovery system is necessary to keep your company financially healthy.

Outstanding invoices, slow-paying clients, and other business debts can have significant adverse effects on your company, like bankruptcy and liquidation. However, when you understand and implement a sound debt collection process, then you can easily navigate this issue and recover outstanding debt.

Below are some practical tips to enhance your debt collection efforts.
Set Clear Payment Terms
You must emphasize early on about your expectations and have all parties sign a contract. …

Cash flow management: 5 tips to get your money back

As a business owner, you should be prepared to deal with clients who have outstanding debts. In the present scenario, a large number of business owners are experiencing cash flow problems and according to statistics, if the debt is overdue by a year, then the chances of it being paid is only 24% whereas, if the debt is overdue by only a month, then the chances of it getting paid increases by 93.8%.

Businesses require a sufficient debt collection recovery process for collecting debts quickly and effectively and improving cash flow management.

In this post, we will provide five useful tips …

5 ways you can avoid bad debt

The debt recovery process can be the most frustrating aspect of running a business. It is maddening that you provide your service or product to a business organisation and not get paid. This happens too often in the B2B sector because the vendor didn’t implement some simple procedures. With just a few adjustments to the way you handle your accounts and invoicing, you can avoid bad debt, increase cash flow, and progress in your business venture.

Here are the top five ways you can avoid bad debt.

1 Tighter Debt Control
It is your first line of defense against managing debt and …

All You Need To Know About Garnishee Orders

One of the most challenging parts of a business is dealing with debt. Whether it is money you owe or are owed, many people prefer to avoid the topic of debt. Nevertheless, if you plan to keep your business afloat, you need to be familiar with all the debt recovery options available to you. One of the most effective methods of debt recovery, Australia is the use of Garnishee Orders.

What is a Garnishee Order?
A garnishee order is a legal avenue pursued by a creditor who has exhausted all other credible methods of recovering a debt. Garnishees orders bypass the debtor …

Tips For Dealing with Clients Who Won’t Pay

Getting paid for the service, you have completed, or products sold can sometimes be a daunting task. To completely avoid this kind of situation in your business, you would have to ask for payment upfront or before you execute the service. Be that as it may, there are some ways you can handle a client that won’t pay.

The following tips will help you in your efforts towards getting payment from your clients.


Send a Reminder

Sometimes, clients may honestly forget to make a payment. Give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they don’t remember they owe you money or they …

The Struggle of Australian SME’s in Collecting Payment from Clients

Unfortunately, one of the most common dilemmas faced by many business owners is delayed payments. When you own a business, there may be times when you will have to chase up unpaid invoices with clients. While it’s not easy, it is part of owning a business and is something that must be dealt with appropriately.

Those uncollected payments can cause a negative impact, including affecting the growth of your business and disrupting your cash flow. There have been a growing number of SME’s (Small and medium-sized enterprises) in Australia that has struggled to collect payments from clients in recent years, with …

Key pieces of information you need to get paid faster

Cash flow management is an important aspect of any business as it enables a business owner to pay for his expenses in good time. Any business owner would readily prefer to receive cash for the services they have rendered sooner than later. This implies reducing the receivables days (the time, on average, that a business’ customers to pay for services/goods they have received on credit) and lengthening the payables days to improve the cash flow.

This is how to keep your business afloat. It follows that you need to ensure that your debtors are always paying you in good time. …

How better debt recovery processes improve business cash flow

At its most basic form, running a business is essentially about the bottom line: – the profit. Does the sales revenue exceed the costs to achieve said profit? In making a sufficient sales revenue, a business owner can pay off his expenses and thus maintain the business as a going concern.

However, with the introduction of credit as a means of improving business flexibility, a complication now occurs in managing business cash flow. A business owner needs to be able to time the business inflows to match the business’ outflows (expenses). Of course, credit management offers businesses the option of obtaining …


Receiving money from clients for goods and/or services provided from your hard developed business is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. As the topic rightly suggest prevention is always better than cure. It is always wise to take precaution before you get loads and loads of debts above your shoulders. No matter your situation, you want to have planning in place to ensure that your goods and/or services you provided gets money that it belongs.

As you prepare for long-term success, here are factors you need to know about receiving payments on time for your business:

Suitably covered Terms …

Some debt collection techniques

Good debt collection techniques start even before the debt is issued.

Some businesses can afford to avoid debt. They can apply a ‘no release until payment’ policy, enforcing strict cash-on-delivery. This isn’t always the case though. Many businesses run on the 90-day-payment rule. Unfortunately, once your 90 days stretch to 180 days, it’s far more difficult to recover, so before you sign that three-month line, check your client’s credit status and financial background. Run due diligence and keep clear records.
Have it all on paper
Once you’re satisfied that your client can pay, draft distinct legal documents (have your lawyers approve them). They …

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  • I have worked closely with Boston Commercial Services for over twenty years across four different companies and would not work with anyone else in regards to helping me with my outstanding accounts. Whenever I have started a new role, the first thing I am asked is, “How would you go about cleaning up our accounts receivable ledger?” My answer is always the same – “The first thing we need to do is call Boston Commercial Services”.

    Voytek Bradford

    Freedom Foods Group Limited (National Credit Manager)

  • I have known the principal of the BOSTON Group (Derryn HARRISON) as well as key staff members (including Ben GOWER) for well over 2 decades and have been using their professional services for myself as well as for Powerhouse Logistics Pty. Ltd. on a regular basis, not only in Sydney but on a national basis.

    At all times BOSTON have been extremely pro-active, attentive, courteous and professional with all matters we threw at them. Their advice has always been extremely sound and commercial and I find them to be a "breath of fresh air" within the legal fraternity and have no hesitation whatsoever to highly recommend them.

    Peter Brueckner

    Powerhouse Logistics Pty Ltd (CEO)

  • Expect A Star has worked with The Boston Group for 10 years. In this time we have appreciated the ongoing support of Boston for all of our collection and legal requirements. Like most businesses cashflow is critical to ongoing success and growth, with Boston we have found a partner who are an extension of our business and play a key part in our cashflow management. The Boston Group bring a level of expertise to our business which is valuable and coupled with their excellent customer service we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.

    Ryan Meldrum

    Former CEO

  • I have been using the services of The Boston Group and their legal entity for over 11 years. During this time I have found their service to be impeccable, delivered with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The vast majority of cases that I have placed with Boston were far from straightforward, requiring legal acumen and delicate handling. Having used all methods available without success to procure payment, I confidently placed these matters into their safe hands. In all instances a successful outcome was achieved.

    Mark Parish

    Credit Manager

  • SNP Security has had the pleasure of working with Boston Commercial Services for the past 11 years. Boston has played an integral part in the continuing success of SNP Security’s low DSO’s, 90 Day % Debt & of course Bad Debts Written Off.

    Amanda Griffiths

    National Administration Manager

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